Megaupload close to the site of the massive hacker attacks on the U S government website

according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Department of justice recently closed the file sharing site, said its alleged violations of music and film copyright. Ministry of Justice announced the indictment and local time in January 20th with the New Zealand local police arrested the 4 executives of the company. Subsequently, the hacker group Anonymous began to attack some large companies and the U.S. government agencies to revenge the site.

is reported that the U.S. video industry hopes the U.S. Congress to crack down on Internet piracy and piracy, but most Internet companies such as Google and Facebook have expressed dissatisfaction. According to reports, the New Zealand police raided a building Austria Karan, arrested Megaupload founder Jim dott Kang Mu (Kim Dotcom), chief marketing officer Finn (Finn Batato), supporting Bata chief technology officer Ott Munn Macias (Mathias Ortmann) and Brahm Van de cock (Bram van der Kolk). Police also confiscated the company’s Rolls-Royce, phantom convertible and other millions of dollars in assets.

New Zealand organized crime and financial crime Management Bureau (Organised & Financial Crime Agency) – inspector Grant (Grant de wal Wormald revealed), "the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) with the New Zealand police in early 2011, required to assist in the investigation. Defendants involved in the case of the United States, we will continue to assist extradition."

later, the hacker group Anonymous through its Twitter account spread a series of anti SOPA ("stop online piracy act") and PIPA ("Intellectual Property Protection Act") speech, saying, "since the government shut down the Megaupload, we can shut down the government and the record company website in 15 minutes."

currently, Anonymous began to Music (Universal), the American Recording Industry Association (RIAA), the American Film Institute (MPAA) and the U.S. Department of justice website attack. As of 3 p.m. Pacific time, the site is still not back to normal, but some people on the Twitter said they will slowly recover.

Anonymous said the attack is the largest ever Anonymous attack, the number of participants up to 5635 people. The attack is still ongoing, and Anonymous has threatened to target the FBI website.

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