For cross border B2C e commerce 915 mobile phone network launched next month


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to B2C are wildly beating gongs and drums interior modulation vertical electronic website

this month has just thrown Ylmf OS 3 version of the operating system of the Lai Linfeng may also will lead to a bigger waves in the industry, which is under the leadership of B2C vertical wind wildly beating gongs and drums electronic website internal testing, officially launched early next month.

the homonym "want me" website, initially will pilot in Dongguan and Meizhou, providing information services and mobile phone number amoy. Lai plans to increase the mobile phone market in the site six months later, the team hopes to eventually apply the advantages of the computer operating system to the phone.

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Lai Linfeng, former micro-blog news release said, "for new products will be officially launched 915 mobile phone network, ask friends for mobile phone network with wonderful creativity, orientation of the website slogan."

Lai Linfeng confirmed yesterday was the ninth day of internal testing, a total of thousands of industry peers received an invitation to participate in the test. Its team members yesterday told reporters the internal test site. On the website, mobile phone number can according to the birthday number, couple number, auspicious number, area code and other different search results are accurate and fast.

ylmf introduction, 915 mobile phone network is "a set of Amoy number, information, shopping mall in one of the" content + products "B2C e-commerce website, to provide network information and business services for all domestic mobile phone users".

to launch 915 mobile phone network, Lai Lin Feng explained, "there are more than 700 million mobile phone users, an annual increase of nearly 100 million mobile phone users. A large number of users to replace the new card number, the user will have a huge number of demand, and the current mobile phone number only a few businesses in the field of Amoy, the scale is not large, the market space is very large."

teamed up with mobile phone operator

The number of mobile phone Amoy

number of resources to grasp the hands of the three major mobile operators and mobile phone operators, where to find so many mobile phone numbers from the 915


in this regard, Lai Lin Feng said, and Dongguan have been the domain of telecommunications and mobile phone operators settled in Meizhou Jinnuo etc.. Deputy general manager of e-commerce in the telecommunications Wang Jiawen very optimistic about the cooperation. He said, the advantage of the domain of telecommunications industry experience, while the 915 has the advantage of more knowledge about the Internet, a better understanding of Internet users, the advantage between the two together is a win-win pattern. Mobile operators also hope to develop more customers through a variety of channels, such as the number of services to provide Amoy 915 mobile phone network welcome. According to sources, Dongguan’s mobile operators responsible person has had contact with the wind.

"next month at the beginning of the line on the website is expected to have at least more than 10 thousand numbers are available." Lai Linfeng said, 915 to do Amoy trading platform, through

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