The most complete case Our media have to see how the outbreak and the fall of netizens so fun

as a recent social hot spot, Nora case, itself carries too much, technology, law, human nature…… About Nora outbreak and rapid fall, produce trial wonderful arguments, the media, since the media views and argue for Nora case, netizens responded to Nora’s case, Nora case, had not a black-and-white discussion.

Nora event review: from creation to arrest

2007, Shenzhen, a more than and 10 square meter room, Wang Xin with a team of less than 5 people developed a fast broadcast.

2011, Nora became the first player in the domestic market share.

2012, Nora total installed capacity exceeded 300 million, when the total number of Internet users in China is about 538 million, which means that every one of the Chinese Internet users in at least one installed nora.

November 2013, Youku and other Tencent, Sohu, LETV, dozens of video website copyright and launched the United Chinese network video anti piracy action ", take legal proceedings against the counter and Nora piracy. By the end of 2013, the State Copyright Administration Nora fined 250 thousand yuan for administrative penalties, ordered to stop infringement.

November 18, 2013, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau seized Nora server from the seized 29841 video files for identification, identified as one of the obscene video files for the 21251.

later, Nora from the explosive rise rapidly fall, fall into the bottom line.

March 2014, the relevant departments in the broadcasting company monitoring found that a large number of pornographic videos, Tencent because of copyright issues once again to our lawsuit, said Nora company without permission, through our mobile terminal communication to the public "Beijing love story", "freaky story" and 24 works of nearly 1000 sets, the amount of illegal business 86 million 716 thousand yuan.

April 2014, Nora announced the qvod server will be closed, the Beijing municipal public security departments of the dissemination of pornographic information broadcast case investigation, and arrested several suspects, Wang Xin fled.

May 2014, Nora company was revoked value-added telecommunications business license, Shenzhen Market Authority served Nora administrative penalties for infringement of 260 million yuan ticket.

August 2014, Wang Xin was arrested in South Korea at the entry.

December 2014 Nora filed an administrative lawsuit to the court, requesting the revocation of the Shenzhen Market Authority fined 260 million yuan and bear the cost of litigation.

February 2015, Nora company Wang Xin, Wu Ming, who was arrested on suspicion of the crime of spreading pornographic materials, was prosecuted by the Haidian District people’s procuratorate.

January 7, 2016 Beijing Haidian District people’s court held a public hearing Nora company and 4 executives charged with the crime of spreading pornographic materials case.

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