Medical beauty hospital network marketing promotion plan

2010 is the cosmetic industry competition is relatively large for a year, the shaping network have tasted the benefits of the network, thus increase the investment, as rivals: yanghalf involved in network investment to increase, China and the United States, Aisite, there are some other cosmetic clinics, foreign cosmetic hospital alliance pressure. In such a situation, formulated the 2010 Yami network marketing plan. Mainly divided into three aspects: first, the analysis of the current situation of the site, to improve. Two, website promotion planning: (1) search engine (2) cooperation website, local and alliance. Three: to strengthen the implementation of

network promotion, especially network brand promotion, Yami has now formed a network brand, high traffic but not only confined to the site, but also to ensure that the portal website, industry website, forum and so on network media on brand frequent exposure, the use of mainstream network media positive reports on corporate brand, reprinted Guide other network media, with the core of information dissemination enterprise brand, enhance network beer and reputation of the enterprise, enhance brand visibility and appeal in the target customer base, and ultimately affect the network user’s intention to cooperate.

according to the cosmetic industry characteristics, the development situation of network, competitors and the actual situation of our hospital Yami, combined with the annual strategic direction in 2010 we Yami hospital, the development of this network promotion planning scheme.

a, time:

March 1, 2010 –

two, 2010 annual target:

1, the completion of the brand construction site (Revised), to solve the current site problems, enhance the brand effect of the.

2, the completion of the site diagnosis, optimization, enhance the user experience of the site to facilitate the operation of promotion.

3, the integration of various network promotion methods (cooperative website: local portal, red net, Stars online, Hunan online etc. especially for screening reasonable useful resources, avoid the waste of resources). With the hot issues of society (for example: last year the network beauty Zhang Xinyu face, Fengjie cosmetic event), event hype, transmission routes differentiated by, to avoid confrontation with competitors. Continue to increase the coverage of network publicity, enhance the positive image of the brand, to provide support for the strategic direction of the enterprise.

4, control network promotion costs, the realization of precision marketing, increase the proportion of non paid clicks on the site, to further expand the network promotion means.

5, complete the brand news reports, the star online, red net, Hunan online website or choose a more effective influence on Internet, web copywriting keeping social hot spots, improve their website exposure by brand cooperation website, improve the community forum (brand popularity network forum post screening) views, improve browse the crowd the conversion rate of consumption, the main is to select the effective community forum.

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