2B or 2B not the reason behind the hot electricity supplier B2B


note: over the past period of time, China’s 2B market ushered in its own tuyere. However, B2B in the end is what kind of mode? Many practitioners discussed "match" and "self" argument in the end what is the result? Platform of value-added services are included? How should I do? What specific areas now have the chance? The author China venture Lightspeed An Zhen vice president Wang Jing tries to answer the following the problem, his mailbox is [email protected], welcome to further exchanges. Article reprinted from the light speed vibration public number (lightspeed_cp).

over the past period of time, whether it is in the capital market, or in the Internet market, the so-called new B2B trading platform sprung up. Many industries have to "match" and "straight" transaction based, supplemented by the relevant value-added services around the site. These sites are basically involved in industrial commodities, are mainly for buyers to provide services, the ultimate goal is to achieve the industry’s intermediate links, complete the integration of resources, improve the efficiency of the entire industry chain.

light speed vibration in recent years, the field of B2B conducted in-depth research, and has invested in several key industries B2B website. There have been a lot of articles are talking about the rebirth of B2B, I am one of the investors as a focus on the field of B2B, where I want to share with you the reasons behind my eyes B2B hot.

first, the historical opportunity for the development of China’s industrial commodities

When it comes to B2B,

has to mention the development of China’s industrial commodities. Here I have no intention to review the development process of a long and minute statement, simply click sort.

at the beginning of reform and opening up, our civil commodities are also experiencing a full ticket era, and industrial products from production to sales are also fully planned system. Whether people, or downstream production enterprises, are facing a serious shortage of commodities, industrial supplies situation.

from the beginning of the last century in 90s, with the deepening of reform, we gradually liberalized the various industrial areas, and slowly transformed into a market economy. In recent years, with the increase of reform, has brought a number of important developments: capital continued investment, new technologies continue to upgrade, enhance the management of modern enterprises, international market development, relaxation of relevant policies, etc.. These make China’s industrial commodities in just a few years, from a comprehensive shortage quickly became a comprehensive surplus.

may be related to overcapacity and a lot of research, such as the reasons behind the current situation of excess capacity, response measures, etc., but these are not within the scope of this article. We now see the real situation is that in the iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass, plastic chemical industry, shipbuilding, electric power, control, coal, iron alloy, copper smelting and other industrial commodities, has a serious surplus of production capacity of

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