The rapid development of e commerce B2C mobile phone market prospects unlimited

electronic commerce has become the driving force of China domestic market, according to the latest Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2010 the market transaction China online retail amounted to 513 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 97.3%, accounting for about 3% of the annual total retail sales of social commodities.

according to Analysys International data show that in 2010 B2C industry brand advertising amount again mad by China, B2C industry this year is also constantly hot, Mcglaughlin successfully listed on the Nasdaq, Martha · Marceau, VANCL financing amount highs, Jingdong Shopping Mall, Taobao mall and other traditional "big brothers" have joined the competition.

does this on behalf of the B2C industry began to enter the high-speed development period? Or is it just a "bubble" will be broken at any time? Many traditional industry predators enthusiasm does not represent the harvest guarantee, B2C order conversion rate rising trend is still not obvious how to do brand promotion, improve order conversion rate is an important issue facing B2C. At the same time, from the point of view of the B2C site, the number of competitors greatly increased, so that the quality of the vendor’s marketing promotion has a higher level of requirements.

overlooking the e-commerce industry from the traditional market rules, the vertical field of B2C survival space still exists. In fact, the traditional industry Su Ning, the rise of the United States, it is to rely on vertical, professional route. For similar to buy the value of vertical B2C sites, the core competitiveness will be more reflected in the service, channels, product lines and professional and efficient.

in the face of competition at the same time, the B2C website is also faced with hitherto unknown opportunities, especially for the vertical B2C mall, vertical specialization, realize the superiority of the channel, "store" mode of operation to avoid the comprehensive department’s cash flow pressure, such as HTC’s official website ( due to its franchise the channels of superior products at competitive prices doubled, the same product, compared to other mobile phone mobile phone mall tens of dollars cheaper, consumers through the platform with the least price got his dream machine, because it is the official website of HTC authorization, has been a very good guarantee on the quality of mobile phone.

electronic commerce more release of the potential advantage of enterprises, through the new marketing mode of the Internet, mobile phone vertical B2C website has opened up a new marketing model and growth point in addition to the traditional channels, with China Internet users and consumer users doubled, rich in traditional industry marketing as a new marketing model of B2C I also broke the limit of traditional fixed store marketing mode in time and space, so it has development potential and greater growth potential.

I believe that in the next period of time, the vertical category B2C with its flexibility, flexibility, occupy half of the country in the B2C industry, will remain strong momentum of development, mobile phone B2C mall unlimited prospects.

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