A5 topic professional online shopping division of Taobao executives are injured

Taobao has millions of online shops, each shop depends on credit to survive in this online trading platform. "No 10 days, we can make a shop for a year of business failures, of course, can also make a bad review of the business looks very beautiful." More than professional assessment division said that all this can be solved by money. Professional assessment division, the recent Taobao business has become the most headache word.

this new career in the past two years, they shop for Taobao’s credit rating system, the use of loopholes in the rules of the transaction, to bad evaluation extortion sellers, less a few dollars, hundreds of dollars". "This is the regulatory and regulatory gaps in the Taobao rules." Poor teacher said, as long as the thick skinned enough heart enough, money will continue to flow into the pockets. They even act as network thugs, destroy rivals.

Tmall suffered a malicious buyer: a compensation of 160 thousand

was closed

a small carelessness, let the public Lee taste of Taobao Tmall "rules". A month is 16 yuan payment deductions.

this month’s time, Mr. Lee was busy relocation office, maintenance of Tmall in the Internet at two shop. During this period, more than 300 buyers initiated claims continue to produce, on the grounds that the shop delayed delivery".

opened shop in Taobao for 7 years, Mr. Lee understand their carelessness. But he found in the claims records, does not rule out the use of Tmall’s compensation rules, malicious fraud on the Internet under a single payment.

at present, Hongshan police have traveled to Hangzhou investigation and evidence collection. Hangzhou police also sent a letter to Tmall mall network data security departments, requiring the transfer of relevant data. Allegedly, does not rule out the existence of this way to claim the profit of professional malicious buyers.


Tmall suffered a malicious buyer: a compensation of 160 thousand

was closed

Taobao Tmall rules are now vulnerable to short sellers can only silently endure

online shopping occupation bad teacher earning million + + + thugs: Hunter wolves defender

in Baidu post bar to enter the professional evaluation division, pop up a bunch of links. Occupation bad teacher to Taobao owner called "meat", seeking to blackmail the owner of the process, is called "meat", new entrants to the poor division for meat "usually through the verification of the code". Prior to the exposure of a number of media professional assessment division of the work process. They generally look for the target commodity (usually a new shop, or low price package), and then take the seller of goods, deliberately to the seller. The seller and the poor teacher consult want them to cancel the poor, poor teachers put money directly up, from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars. Part of the store because there are loopholes in the store logo, losing money.

some of the things that may be broken in transportation, the Shanzhai products, and the products that violate copyright

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