Taobao com announced May 5th a total ban on the sale of automobile decoder

May 5th news for days before the media reports "to open the door of the car theft thief with high-tech decoder main Taobao unattended" incident, said the company information security department has quickly in the first time for the goods of control, the 5 months from the date of a total ban on the sale of automobile decoder".

media article said: "the police recently found in car theft of property cases, the two thieves use to buy the car to open the door lock decoder is an easy job to do car stolen belongings, almost without leaving traces of what to do. According to the investigation, a suspect in the owner to lock the car, with the decoder receives the remote control key issued by the owners and the owners leave after encoding, then the decoder to open the door, car stolen property. Because of this way of theft do not damage the car, so it is not easy to be found in the owner."

It is reported that

, the goods involved in the car decoders also called automobile fault diagnosis instrument is a kind of vehicle maintenance, detection tools are widely used in professional, such instruments for auto repair, auto parts market, online sale. also believes that the commodity itself is not illegal, taking into account the goods which have some functions may be used to steal criminals, in communication with the seller at the same time, goods more than 1000 pieces in the description of the goods contained "cardecoder" of all the shelves, but also adjust the control rules of such goods the follow-up, commodity information contained in the "theft and unlock function" to describe the words of goods will not be able to upload. Also added keyword monitoring, such as: Car decoder, car keys matching instrument. (end)

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