A pair of guard baby shoes QQ OT intelligent anti lost children shoes roadshow detonated in Shangh

A pair of shoes to protect baby QQ IOT intelligent anti lost children shoes red Chinese "theme roadshow

by Tencent IOT sponsor, Daphne Group Co", held in Shanghai April 23rd -4 24. During the event, QQ IOT to join the Daphne group sent to buy shoes, super adorable doll QQ offers live performances and parent-child interactive games, warmly welcome Shanghai parents.


event queues, parents panic buying QQ IOT × smart Daphne anti lost children shoes

event, QQ joint staff orientation on the QQ IOT × Daphne intelligent child anti lost shoes for the product display, start the parent-child interactive games, including a variety of functions of the smart shoes have lost back, as for smart pedometer, family caregivers, on-site presentation details. Among them, the establishment of a large Tencent Inc QQ 853 million users and strong technical capabilities and the ability to find lost find a large number of people to stop onlookers. Parents have points praise, let the children try to experience the scene, and eager to queue up to buy, and some even buy a few pairs. These parents have said: "the Tencent Inc’s technology, Disney’s IP image and the Daphne group shoe quality is guaranteed, we buy the rest assured, to realize the safety of baby."

two day, QQ × smart Daphne anti lost children shoes were sold by many Shanghai consumers alike.



QQ children’s intelligence intelligent anti lost shoes: 853 million QQ users with the power to protect the baby

in addition to have children intelligent products ordinary function like intelligent pedometer, family caregivers, QQ × Daphne group intelligent anti lost children shoes set of social and technical capacity of Tencent QQ, construct a perfect and very Tencent characteristics of child anti lost solutions: when emergency back mechanism the child lost emergency, parents can directly in the mobile phone QQ management page click [lost] for children, and submit the relevant information of the lost child. After the staff manual review of the background, the mobile phone QQ that is open to the outside world to lose the child’s Bluetooth chip signal. When the child is lost through the side, all the Bluetooth mobile phone QQ users can automatically identify the Bluetooth chip signal, and automatically reported to the geographical location. At the same time, the city will be within 24 hours of QQ directional broadcasting. This process by fully mobilize the power of 853 million QQ users, to provide parents with baby lost track, greatly increasing the hope of baby home.


to build a safe and reliable environment for children to grow, we have been on the road

with the development of science and technology, an endless stream of children’s safety equipment to the market. Which Q>

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