Department of the introduction of the Spring Festival express policy courier companies respond to pr

this year’s Spring Festival came early, Christmas, new year’s day, the Spring Festival focused on a month, following the eleven large-scale promotion of the electricity supplier, followed by a new round of consumer climax in the three quarter. Accompanied with the electricity supplier sales growth be in full swing is a lot of courier services, according to Taobao mall official data show that the "day" during the order number exceeded 20 million, most of the courier company delivery day exceeded 10000, general business volume growth of around 40%.

Spring Festival is approaching, courier companies face more severe challenges, on the one hand, consumption peak has express increased, on the other hand, a large number of employees to return home, insufficient capacity, increase the cost of express service capacity and market demand will be more prominent. In this case, the post office, the trade and Industry Bureau and other relevant departments have introduced policies to divert, and courier companies choose to respond to price increases.

trade and Industry Bureau: field inspection B2C site pre-sale merchandise

SAIC issued a notice requirement to strengthen supervision, "two" will be organized on a large B2C website online pre-sale and on-site inspections, holidays courier explosion problems to guide the network operators, and to strengthen the network transactions of goods receiving complaints. Check the focus in consumption, consumer complaints concentrated wine, meat products, dairy products, cakes, puffed food, frozen food, lantern, Glutinous Rice Balls folk specialty food etc..

National Post Office: not allowed to stop

December 21st, the State Post Bureau issued a notice requiring courier companies are not allowed to stop operating. The business during the season, the express delivery business enterprises should take measures to increase the frequency of treatment, improve treatment efficiency, prevent the shipment and accumulated backlog, strictly prohibited barbaric sorting to avoid any delay or damage and harm the interests of consumers problems.

notice pointed out that during the business season, the courier business operators should ensure the smooth operation of the entire network, in accordance with the provisions of the proper handling of the courier delivery, shall not stop operating. If an enterprise fails to operate within the period of business license, it shall submit a written report to the local postal administrative department and return it to the courier business license.

express Association: business hours of not less than 6 hours per day

Chinese express Association released in December 31st "during the Spring Festival Holiday Express Service Guide" provisions, all enterprises should set up operations in each city to provide outlets collection and delivery service outlets in the designated area, and send Business Hours daily general shall be no less than 6 hours, has to deal with timely and properly express acceptance no, and the accumulated backlog.

courier companies have price increases

in the implementation of relevant policies, the courier company to consider the most cost problem. Faced with a huge pressure on the shipment and rising operating costs, a number of courier companies choose to respond to price increases. Rhyme express announced in December 16, 2011 each express delivery fee increase on the basis of the original.

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