Zhou Renfeng the flow of the site is how the amount of daily visits million

recently this period of time is busy, a lot of things are in trouble. So the site has not been updated. I really feel sorry for myself when it is easy to find a few articles reprinted. Then I look at the site every day or traffic, compared to the previous day to do a lot of time to promote the flow down a lot, fell to a minimum, and then every day is so little from the search engine ip. Today, I was thinking about the flow of our website in the end is how to come to those tens of thousands of daily traffic is how to come?

I had not done before, to say that the site is to see other people’s understanding of the article. I am envious of those who visit tens of thousands of webmaster, because they can make a lot of money. And I’m working hard in that direction. But small is small, the flow to bigger or takes a long time. So I analyzed the source of my current flow and want to get part of the flow of the source, as follows:

first, we all know grassroots webmaster search engine is our door, if you stand not what the popularity of it most of the IP is from search engines, they search the answer and then came to your site, you will get a ip. Like my station, not after all the source is the search engine. So we’re going to follow the search engine. The best way to do this is to create and answer questions. Original packaging search engine can be included, this I do not say. The answer is that we write the article to be able to solve some of the problems, or that our solution article is a problem, because many of us some Internet search data is to find yourself in the answer to the question, if you have the answer to this question on your website, the natural flow come.

second, is to promote. There are a lot of this article, the purpose of promotion is to let more people know your site, new sites just came out, nobody knows, here we have to do is to let people know the message around everywhere you made a stand, people see after will go and see, this flow will come. The way to do this is to post everywhere, message, do the chain. As to the forum account for water, QQ mass, and writing to do outreach etc..

third, but also the most important thing is that the site’s return rate, this is a friend called the site viscosity. Some time ago to see someone wrote "how to improve the viscosity of the site" deep feelings, this is the vast majority of grassroots webmaster and I encountered a common problem. Is our station, optimization is also done, promotion is done, flow, users have come, but it all came and went, people to your site to find the answer, or to turn to head do not back away. What we do is a one-time business. So the flow of our station is difficult to upgrade to a higher height. That’s what I’m going through. The next thing we have to do is to keep the visitors and make them our members.


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