Banner advertising the most prone to fatigue

      online advertising is not the most obvious place effect on the best, and other types of advertising network advertising needs to change. Before we always think that a good banner position, most likely to be through the browsing habits of neglect, become the most prone to fatigue advertising.

      Internet users to ignore banner ads is an old issue. A new survey report shows that the problem remains the same. That is to say, if there is something, it looks like an advertisement, or is flashing like an advertisement, or is decorated as an advertisement. Your site visitors will not pay attention to it. The result is that even if an ad looks like advertising, and successfully lure users to click it, then this is the users think is the most annoying matter.

      e-marketers to do? The hustle and bustle of the banner is ignored, and the intention of advertising attempt at concealment is considered fraud, which is likely to damage the reputation of the brand.

      the latest findings strongly support previous observations. That is, the vast majority of Internet users to search the site to see specific information, those focused on reading or watching online content online, not to pay attention to banner ads. In fact, it looks more like a banner banner, it is noted that the possibility of the interaction or less. This is a recent study done by utility expert Jakob Nielsen.

      he found that there are exceptions, when the banner is divided into pure text, a face or when the advertisement is disguised as content, will obtain high click. These four elements are shown to be effective in attracting eyeballs.

      however, the advertisement disguised as content, has long been a controversial creative strategy, while those with " trick " lure visitors click on ads for the Internet users, is also very popular. These ads may have attracted a large number of clicks, but the result of the digital scam is that the advertising brand can not ultimately benefit.

      in fact, using " trick " trick visitors to click on ads, as third of the most annoying, stale advertising strategies. A previous survey by Alertbox showed that the least popular online advertising campaign was:

      pop up 95%

in your window

      slow download 94%


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