Layoffs crash suspension LETV the dangerous building really falling

early in the morning, LETV emergency suspension, the announcement to disclose significant matters. As we all know, this is no nonsense.

in today’s music review as soon as possible before the suspension, the first to tell you a little story.

think you, and you never met a boy first, not previously dealt with him, listen to your friend, he is a cheerful boy, lead a fast.

in order to verify the correctness of your friend’s presentation, whether you will be dating, pretending to inadvertently asked such a question: "have you done in front of others, do crazy things?"

in fact, no matter whether the boy really lead a fast, he will give you told him what he had done something crazy. And then you went on a happy date.

why is it that, in fact, it is easy for people to have a psychological phenomenon of self – confirmation (self-justification) when it comes to cognition.

we often make assumptions about certain people and things, and then we look for information about a particular trait to be validated. What’s in your mind, what you’re looking for, and then you get the answers you want.

sometimes, that’s right, but more often, it’s wrong.

first, investors on the music as a self verification process

back to the music as today’s emergency suspension, before this, do you have such a hypothesis:

1, music as the capital chain has been broken, as music pills;

2, music as a super Ponzi scheme, music as a pill;

3, Jia Yueting PPT is a liar, fake stopped;

then, according to the latest information:

1, music as sports outgoing nearly 60% rumors (after the official said "optimization of the 10% staff");

2, LETV shares fell 7.85% yesterday,

3, LETV emergency suspension today, because Jia Yueting Pledged Shares to a warehouse explosion.

so, you come to the conclusion, more support your hypothesis: music as pills.

in fact, the process of analysis, it can be said that there is a problem, it can be said no problem.

two, music as a crisis where

think about this question before, I have written several articles about music manuscript, have certain

: investigation and analysisThe depth of

| don’t say "I TM also cannot read music as"

a few points of view: on the music as the capital strand breaks crisis

Jia Yueting Pro chief officer: you borrow forage behind a change, continued life or arm


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