Google’s former executive Liu Jun founded Sina social search and so on

Google executives Liu Jun founded a social search engine and so on line test.

March 6th news, former Google executives Liu Jun founded social search engine and so on ( on-line testing. According to reliable sources, so has been Sina investment.

so that people and information, to provide users with personalized results. The principle of such nets is as follows:

so the network says, have the following basic knowledge on the Internet: the Internet is composed of people; each view of the world is not the same, everyone has the right to choose the information; the information is not too little, but too much, everyone should be able to more efficiently get information on the Internet; the information is only a small part of all human control information.

‘s current web based search engine technology has partially solved the problem of human information acquisition, but it can not meet the needs of all. Based on the above understanding, the Liu Jun team developed such networks.

and so on the network will be a combination of social networking and search engines, the combination of people and information, users can focus on friends, ask questions, pay attention to the topic, to share knowledge.

In addition,

and so on real-time analysis of each person’s preferences, interests, combined with social networks, for users to recommend their own results.

as early as 2010,, vice president of Google, vice president of Google Research Institute, leaving Liu Jun. Liu Jun is responsible for the web search, Google search part of the contents of the search. At that time there was news that Liu Jun will start their own business.

2010 August, there have been rumors that the social search engine has been founded by Liu Jun Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi, sina CEO Cao Guowei a total investment of 50 million yuan. However, Zhou Hongyi subsequently denied.

It is reported that

, network team currently has hundreds of people, technical team from Google.

in addition to the establishment of such networks, Liu Jun in 2011 in February as the people’s search chief scientist. According to media reports, there are technical cooperation between the network and the people search, but the search direction is different.

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