United States online storage transportation service website Shipwire financing 6 million

Beijing time on July 14th morning news, according to U.S. technology blog TechCrunch reported that the United States online storage service website Shipwire Wednesday announced that the company received a strategic investment eBay, Newell Rubbermaid, Meakem Becker Venture Capital at the same time, the existing investors also participated in this round of financing. Although Shipwire refused to disclose the specific amount of financing, but sources said it should be around $6 million.

for online vendors, sales and delivery process is very complex. They need to know the exact location of all their goods. Once you know the location of the goods, the retailer must send the goods to the buyer as low as possible. The whole process is too complex, need to use the software to automatically complete. As a result, many online retailers outsource the business to Shipwire.

Shipwire software as a service platform covering all warehouse resources in the United States, Canada and Europe, so that businesses can reduce transportation costs, shorten delivery time. For example, the game developer Rovio is currently using Shipwire services will be popular game angry birds sent to the user in advance order.

eBay became a strategic investor in Shipwire is fully affirmed its technology. EBay is interested in investing in Shipwire, because the company’s competitors, Amason is also a competitive relationship with Shipwire. Amazon has launched warehousing services that enable businesses to outsource their shipping operations to Amazon’s commodity storage and shipping centers. It is interesting to note that eBay plans to launch its own storage and delivery services later this year, when Shipwire and eBay will become rivals.

Shipwire said it will use the financing to expand the company’s global storage network, while product development. As part of the financing agreement, a Rubbermaid executive and the strategy of eBay company vice president Jean Francois · van Kerkhof (Jean-Francois Van Kerckhove) will join the Shipwire Advisory Committee, former president of Ground FedEx and Ivan · Hoffman (Ivan Hoffman) will also get a seat on the board of Shipwire.


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