Overseas domain name GoDaddy intends to raise 418 million PO

according to the news, the domain name GoDaddy intends to hold the initial public offering of shares (IPO), is expected to raise $418 million. The company will issue 22 million shares of A shares, the underwriting price of between $17 to $19. Including debt, GoDaddy valuation may reach $4 billion.

as the world’s leading domain name service provider, GoDaddy currently manages about 21% of the global Internet domain name. Around the domain name registration business, GoDaddy also provides for the construction of small and medium enterprises and website hosting and other services, but also Nascar (National Sports Car Racing Association) sponsors. In 2013 the company acquired the business data provider Locu, in 2014 acquired the DM service provider Mad Mimi. GoDaddy currently has a total of 12 million 700 thousand customers, revenue of $1 billion 400 million last year, an increase of $22% compared to $1 billion 100 million in 2013. The company’s net loss narrowed from $200 million in 2013 to $143 million in 2014.

2011, GoDaddy was acquired by KKR and Silver Lake capital led private equity Consortium for $2 billion 250 million (including debt). The IPO raised funds will be mainly used to repay debt. GoDaddy will be listed on the NYSE, ticker symbol GDDY, the Underwriters include Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan chase, Citigroup, etc..

according to Sina Technology reported that after the listing, the proportion of KKR class A shares held by GoDaddy will be reduced from 27.9% to 23.9%, but will continue to hold GoDaddy20.9% class B shares. In June last year, the outgoing chairman of the executive chairman of the Bob Parsons will be held after the listing of GoDaddy40% class B shares and nearly 24% of the A shares of GoDaddy.

in fact, as early as 2006, GoDaddy had applied for listing, but then the market situation is not good for the revocation of the listing plan. Anyway, this time, time to market is not so good at this stage as the IPO market is extremely shrinking, compared with $93 billion in 2014 this year, the U.S. IPO market currently only got off to a slow start, the two technology companies listed, including the online storage service provider Box. And since IPO Box’s share price has fallen by about 27%.

at the same time, GoDaddy is also facing competition in a number of similar companies. Including Endurance (a domain name registration and SME website service providers) and Wix.com (web development service providers) and other companies have completed the listing, Squarespace and Shopify are also on the way to catch up with IPO. In addition, Google also expanded its domain name registration services last year.

GoDaddy’s main competitor or last year

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