Panoramic survey report

70% is still part of the operation of more than half of the owners in sub healthy state

to participate in the investigation of the webmaster, there are 5991 owners for men, women are only 363 people, accounting for the proportion of the total of more than 5.71%, more than 42% of the owners are still single. The survey shows that more than 70% of the webmaster is still only part of the operation of its website, and did not fully full-time station. The survey of the webmaster, from Guangdong Province, the top of the list, while the other nine provinces or municipalities are Fujian, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan.

70% Adsense is still part-time do stand

Guangdong rely on the network popularity has become the main force of individual stationmaster in

to participate in the investigation of the webmaster, there are 2826 webmaster daily Internet time to reach 7-14 hours, accounting for 44.46% of the total survey data, including the Internet time more than 14 hours of the webmaster also has 1002. Survey data show that there are 3151 owners in the morning after sleep every night, to ensure 8 hours of sleep time of the owners of only 1413 people, accounted for 22.23% of the total survey, over 70% of the owners sleep quality can not be guaranteed, in the sub-health state of the body.

survey shows that 11% of the daily Internet access time is only 1-3 hours

data show that 1% of the personal master clock is completely disrupted

Telecom Baidu has become the most loved by the webmaster 70% undergraduate education

was investigated in stationmaster, Baidu is still the most commonly used search channels for individual webmaster, followed by Google, that individual stationmaster most valued from Baidu and Google’s net flow, most of the time in the 1999 -2000 years, accounting for 46.04% of all owners, contact sites long data after 2005 12%.

in the Internet access, most of the webmaster is the first choice of China Telecom, followed by China Unicom (formerly China Netcom), and China Mobile (including China CTT), other access providers accounted for only 3.65%, while the use of IDC services from the line of personal webmaster survey data show that telecom still became the owners preferred ratio 47.37%, two server because it can help solve the personal webmaster website exchange to a certain extent, become the second choice, the data also showed that 6.29% of the owners for the record, or website construction needs to choose foreign space.

personal webmaster access to the preferred telecommunications

Telecom server and double line server to become the personal favorite

was investigated in stationmaster, college, undergraduate students, compared with the net time, most of the webmaster is on campus during high school students access to the Internet, second university calendar group, the survey shows no webmaster group of secondary school students.

personal webmaster net time >

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