Wangzhuan is to strength Wangzhuan mood

is the so-called Wangzhuan, make money online, it can be said that as long as they are able to earn money on the Internet, is wangzhuan. I played for Wangzhuan network also has four or five years, engaged in the Wangzhuan themselves are not remember, really can make money and be good, only one or two projects. Write down the original title, this is as a gift, but also hope to be able to get behind to officially joined, it is for you and not outdated outdated friends gift, although we all know the truth, but I hope that as you do when you must remember Wangzhuan. This sentence is: Wangzhuan, strength.

remember from the Internet to earn the first money, is derived from the legend of the world play this game, then play the legend of the world 65 area, and a group of friends in Tianjin package map, in addition to food, is a global online play the legend of the world, 18 hours every day on the Internet bubble, even sleep, will be in the when the brush BOSS let the clock give myself to wake up BOSS, when there is no BOSS brush, is Daguai upgrade, basically, all of the equipment are wrapped up several of our friends, to sell the first set of equipment, made 500RMB, most is an official event, BOSS burst the two book, I have been picked up, sold PK 800RMB`~ every day we get to map the hit and run, every upgrade lest he fell behind, the strength of the game, RMB game player is everything, buy equipment are provided, the more is not We buy our equipment, more and more is to buy our equipment, and we get the map is more fierce, then we are together a few people, and the invincible hand ` ` ` ` no strength, how to make money from the


because the open offline plug-in, this game has no meaning, then it is still empty, indulge in the legend of the world, the manual leveling is too slow and tired, began to study the offline plug-in, because of his love drill, made out of the script, it is invincible, upgrade fast and steady, do research and out of the script set, can be hung to others hanging to the place, slowly, some people will hang their number to my computer, a number of 90RMB a month, my two computer, hanging 20, light up fee is 1800, I put the plug inside the role of a team the two group, to BOSS where leveling, fast and can hang out equipment, basically every day, hang out equipment money, there are 200-300 yuan, basically, a month income, there are thousands of large. Later, the legend of the world. Gold, spent ingot can one day rise before a month does not rise to the level of equipment, and the prices are from the previous hundred set down to a set of ten dollars, and give up the game, hang back and forth, also earned almost twenty thousand now. No scripted strength, how can in the

to make money?

later love the hacker technology, know a lot of friends in this area, some say, master, believe that behind the friends can also familiar Cheung, but here is not worth mentioning.

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