Red children prepare fourth round of financing amount or up to seventy million

webmaster admin5.com6 3 news today is close to the famous maternal B2C website red child sources, red child has started the fourth round of financing, the financing amount may reach $seventy million.


reporter contact the red child related staff, an unnamed official told reporters, red child is indeed present in the fourth round of financing, but did not disclose the specific amount of financing, also did not deny the number seventy million. In addition, the manager also told reporters that the financing plan and the past to seek venture capital is different, most of the direction of funding for strategic investors.

red child was founded in March 2004, in the first stage of development in maternal and child class B2C sales as the starting point, after several years of development has become a relatively full service B2C website, in the previous 5 years, red children received a total of three financing, respectively 30%, 10% and 20% of the equity transfer, 2 million 500 thousand, 3 million, 25 million dollars.

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