Copyright law enforcement agency announced the ten major cases Knight music network punishment heavi

Ten cases of 2010 year special action to combat infringement and counterfeiting copyright enforcement announced

days before the General Administration of press and publication. Anhui Chuzhou Knight music network copyright infringement case, in recent years, China’s online music infringement cases in the case of the most severe punishment.

in the State Department to carry out the special action to combat infringement and counterfeiting and special treatment to combat Internet piracy Jian Wang action, the copyright departments jointly national pornography working group office and other departments to carry out a series of copyright law enforcement activities, the copyright law enforcement filing number, the number of administrative penalties and criminal cases transferred to judicial record number.

announced the General Administration of press and Publication Copyright Law Enforcement ten cases include: Anhui, Chuzhou "Knight music" copyright infringement case; "Jiangsu 9CAX website" illegal software case; Jiangsu Xuzhou Wansong network works infringement case; Jiangsu Wuxi Ju civilization copyright infringement case; Tianjin He Zhenyu, Liu Bing Shanghai selling pirated CD case; Shanda "Adventure Island" game "plug-in" infringement case; Shandong Tai’an illegal printing and selling "Chinese newspaper" Hebei Langfang "case; 9· 20 before selling pirated books case; Zhejiang Hangzhou meghdutt Company text works infringement case; Beijing" uusee "film and television works of infringement.

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