False shopping rebate site really nvestment there is suspicion of illegal fund raising

in several well-known shopping rebate site QQ group, group of friends to ask each other is not what you bought, but what "" how much you vote. ".

for an online shopping platform, which means: the product is completely ignored. Businesses or individuals online directly with cash as pumped to the site, and then wait for a 100% rebate.

in accordance with a rebate rules, after two years of investment can be up to 10 times.

is said to have voted 800 thousand.


May 10th at 9 am, a shopping site QQ group boiling. A netizen called the site can not mention now, enter the user name and password prompt error, then panic in the crowd.

"the company will not fail, right?"

customer service phone no one answered."

"I just threw 20 thousand last week."

"I voted 60 thousand."

group of 199 people, an average of 10 thousand, on the 1 million 990 thousand, the company (the shopping network) registered capital of only $1 million."


…… It was proved that the website system was maintained during this period.


argument is just an ordinary online shopping rebate website, website marketing mode but also the website set up the stage, "to stimulate consumers in the form of rebate" alliance merchant ‘stores’ consumption, more consumption, more rebate. Web site to collect a certain amount of business." A model is not new, and no rules innovation has been interpreted as a rebate website participants another transaction version of investment rebate in the run. Within the circle called "do"". Simply put, that is, consumers (investors) out of the commodity link, the money directly to the identity of the merchant to the site. The site in accordance with the consumer rebate agreement.

this is a well aware of each other but to say the circle. Investors are very cautious, first of all to make sure that you are a member of the site or business, if not, they will not be willing to say to you. Of course, there are a circle of people in order to develop your new membership to get a substantial commission to talk with you a few words.

in the "rebate" Baidu Post Bar, a calculation of normal rebate mode is cost-effective, also questioned the "rebate" behind the business. A man named "mop.com produced" the netizen said: "(the site) goods have been completely ignored, there is only simple cash flow."

official website said it did not know, or that does not allow. Henry treasure shopping network posted "member merchants with malicious collusion in the website home page, fictitious transactions facts cheat rebate right, once verified, Henry treasure has the right to the integral reset member, and have the right to request the return of membership has cashed integral matching or RMB, will.

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