X Web Hosting also hosts the United States announced support for Alipay payment

The United States

IX Web Hosting is a company founded in 1999 host provider, shortly before the officially announced support for alipay.

IX Web Hosting employees in its official Blog excited is the first American wrote: IX web hosting company to introduce Alipay as a method of payment for our customers. "(IX is the first home Alipay Web host company to provide a means of payment for customers in the United States)

IX Web Hosting, in order to create a first. For Alipay, but also created a first: for the first time hosting provider payment support. If the purchase of IX Web Hosting service, Alipay will only need to pay the RMB, according to the current exchange rate automatically converted into dollars remittance to IX. IX Web Hosting launched a Chinese website, I believe the service will be more perfect soon.

IX Web Hosting supports Alipay, on the one hand is to see the huge domestic market demand of the host Web, on the other hand also means Alipay trust. Alipay has a huge user base, convenient payment tool, persevere the quality of service, I believe there will be more and more Usa Network Inc with Alipay as a means of payment. Alipay out of the country to flex its muscles will also point the day and await for it. (http://s.cncn6.com Symbian mobile phone network share)

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