P2P platform love investment into the 200 million project fraud whirlpool to see a long pulse

network situation: the net loan industry since October the big news, in addition to the introduction of regulatory policies, is the P2P investment platform of love into a "200 million whirlpool project fraud". Net loan investors and the media continue to break the news, love to invest all the way to deny the credibility of the inevitable encounter. Love investment is the earlier of the P2P platform, the historical transaction size has more than 20 billion projects, the alleged fraud, once again highlighted the domestic net loan industry chaos, highlighting the urgency of industry regulation."


China Economic Net editor’s note: Eleven holiday on the last day, P2P investment platform of love was traced to 200 million project fraud, borrowing enterprises exist at the same time as the shell company, borrowing a number of issues such as abnormal capital. A message, love investment credit transfer projects increased sharply, only a single day in October 11th the number of transfer project about more than and 400, incomplete statistics transfer scale million.

although love investment, said investor confidence has not been affected. But the media reported that the net loan industry had had several similar phenomenon, questioned by investors on the platform, lack of confidence, the lead concentration run platform funds strand breaks, unable to support the operation of the final collapse of the platform.

it is worth mentioning that, since the investment line, suffered a lot of doubt. Just last month, some investors broke the news that the legal representative of the investment of love by the chairman Zhao Chunxia changed to Cui Chunguang, and has long been left by Mr Cui Chunguang. In addition, because the love investment " who split " amusing incident, the project is overdue, activist investor concern about the industry and other events.

on the above issues, China Economic Net call love to invest in Beijing, but the phone can not be connected.

love to invest 200 million projects were explosive fraud

, according to media reports, the evening of October 7, 2016, net loan eye in the community of users according to standard "mirror" batch fraud, love investment Chifeng project survey "one article, exposed the investment platform of love 200 million loan projects, existing loan companies for shell companies, borrowing anomalies before capital, related transactions and mortgage fraud and other problems love, and pointed out that the major investment deposit from the melting of the suspects.

According to

, "according to standard mirror" broke the news, 7 Chifeng enterprises investment in love, there are 4 companies to increase the registered capital in the loan before respectively by age, wealth into two industrial financing Guarantee Corporation guarantees, collateral is land or real estate, 7 enterprises in total investment loan 200 million yuan love.

it is understood that the above questions are mainly concentrated in 4 areas:

, love to invest in Chifeng project loan companies exist shell company. One of the 3 business information shows that the annual report of 2015, telephone and other information is completely consistent, according to the user visits, according to the user, the same site of the 3 companies. In addition, the two companies 2015 annual report shows that operating income is zero.

two, 7

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