Discuz X1 5 WAP beta version QQ space station began to invite test

webmaster Admin5 news: on December 2nd, after September 20th, the domestic well-known community platform and service provider Comsenz Discuz! X1.5 official version, after research, which lasted more than a month Discuz! X1.5 WAP version also started closed beta today. At present, the official start to invite webmasters to participate in the beta version of Tencent QQ space in the test. Discuz! X1.5 WAP version of the launch, will be able to solve the needs of the webmaster mobile browsing forum experience. At the same time, the QQ will be integrated directly into the community, and then join the community and micro-blog linkage, a social circle will be built on the hand. Mobile phone is bound to lead a new wave of social activities.

QQ space trial application activity address: http://s.user.qzone.qq.com/1323651873/act/10023

below for reference:

Discuz! X1.5 version WAP trial application

[in progress]

activity time: December 2010 02 ~ 00:00 ~, 02 ~ 17:00


use the phone to browse the forum, is the release of the X series version, the most urgent needs of the majority of webmaster functions.

after Discuz! Developers who lasted a month of intense research and development, Discuz! X1.5 version of the WAP and finally to meet the webmaster friends!

to this end, we will open the WAP version of the application experience in the next week, the majority of owners are welcome to actively participate.

activity rules

during the event, where the first 50 days to participate in activities and meet the requirements of the activities of the webmaster, you can get Discuz! X1.5 WAP version of the priority experience.

we will be published in this experience to get the version of the webmaster, and to participate in the activities of the owners of the mailbox to send the WAP version of the program.

you can see here whether they have gained experience qualifications, and timely collection of mail.


this experience to provide a trial version of the WAP version of the internal test version.

please carefully read the WAP version of the installation documentation and then install, please do a good backup file before installing


Discuz! X1.5 WAP interface preview preview

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