Personal webmaster should do what kind of stand

in the Internet industry for many years. Has not built their own site, now I am not a webmaster. But we still want to tell you about some of their own ideas about the Webmaster: now the website on the Internet portal, a superb collection of beautiful things: all kinds of search engines, personal blog, enterprise network… Etc…. There are also a variety of spam sites!

The application of

network in twenty-first Century reflects the status of the network in the development of the society! But also social demand on the network, you need to develop good development! After more than and 10 years of rapid development of network, it brings us many problems: network communication network, network unlimited garbage infringement, privacy, is through all kinds of website as a platform for


a variety of mature portal network, so that the latecomers have a lot of challenges and pressures, or is it confused, the news is good, 163, Sina, etc., and then rely on the advantages of its fast QQ also accounted for a place. The software has the Chinese army, the sky and so on, other each profession also has many good gateway representative! The portal development enters a surface saturation condition!

later to occupy the foot in this field, the cost is great! We can only find another way out! Go professional website! The future social development is a clear division of (I won’t use the economic terminology) of professional information requirements will be high this time portal is! And they can not meet the high demand of the


as a library can be divided into three layers, one layer is the two layer of sociology, science, the three layer is a novel but not assigned to each layer of the library administrator dedicated, each layer of bibliography points and is not clear enough. You have to find a layer of Sociology of a book to ask the administrator of the results do not know where the administrator can only find a book!

this time if there is a layer of a responsible administrator, a layer of books have also placed rules, believe we can quickly find the books we need the same website as well!! now I Chinese station many times only one one to find out the useful information of a lot of time! The waste in the process of looking.

specialization, we can refer to Baidu! For example, you go online to ask what Baidu is doing, others will tell you to do search engines. Very simple and clear! Ask 163 is what to do, he would say that the news, but also the game… And so is more than a very clear feeling!

note: I haven’t written anything for a long time. The meaning of the expression is not very clear, we hope to help!

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