Google China plans to invest 5 companies a year

      "in the next 1 years, Google will acquire 1-2 company in China, invest in 4-5 company". Google (Google) global vice president, Greater China President Li Kaifu said yesterday in Shanghai, Google is through capital acquisitions, cooperation, alliance website bundled form to enhance the comprehensive strength in China, and accelerate the pace of expansion in China.

      in addition to early publicly announced investment thunder, Google has not disclosed more acquisitions and investments, but the trade rumors, Google has invested in 265 and the end of the world has a huge flow of the site, ad search box on the client to join the search tool bar. At the same time, Google and China Mobile, China Telecom, Teng Xun, Sina, Flashget, storm video, etc., to absorb the resources of different industries, to lay the foundation for the development of new business. Li Kaifu admitted that the future expansion of Google in China will enter the fast lane, the pace of investment and acquisitions will accelerate.

      Google headquarters in the United States announced that it will end up paying online video business from yesterday, the full implementation of the free video program to load the advertising business. Google spokesman said that the current changes once again confirmed the determination of Google to establish advertising support model for video services.

      Li Kaifu said, video advertising is still in the exploratory stage, which is the inevitable direction of the development of the market, but Google is currently not in China launched a video advertising business schedule. It is understood that Google China Engineering Research Institute has settled in Shanghai, responsible for the development of new search services in addition to the web page.

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