Profit model is in trouble Web2 0 website will encounter cold water

      September 10th, Netscape (Netscape) version of the page exposure, this is the last year in June to catch up with the tide of Web2.0 when Netscape Digg like site to return after a year, the new version of the news oriented, has been out of the shadow of Digg, the regression portal that complete failure of transformation of social networking sites. So many people say that Web2.0 website development tendency has been weak, but just attended the Dalian forum for the summer Davos network founder, CEO Heinrich said in the interview, "I don’t think that the development of the website of Web2.0 to a low ebb, the plight of the current global Web2.0 website profit model collective encounter, only in a before the outbreak of a pain." A remark, the major news sites have been published.

      according to the survey, in the global scope, although most of the Web2.0 companies are still in the market cultivation stage, there is no profit, but there are a few Web2.0 sites have been successful in imitation of European and American social network profit model. The success here is not to say how high profits, but a trend. As domestic well-known comprehensive dating sites,,, the world, Cyworld, a full range of entertainment friends in one, by the love and support more users, we now see what their business model is what? Why the transformation failed in Netscape today, they still remain on the upgrade?

      first of all, this kind of dating is a kind of development oriented user connections entertainment site, users enter the class SNS network friends, know exactly what they can do, they can set up their own domain name love home, then in some common interests as the theme or topic discuss to establish a circle of friends, also can find happiness in all kinds of entertainment programs using the website, send post in 51 forums, in 9158 of the ten room with ten friends and online video chat, video for users in the world, at saiwowang in Kankan this is the network life star. The little joy in. With the rise of the user level, each site will have different special features to provide, or points for small gifts activities. Vip members pay system, paid members can enjoy a series of powerful features, which forms a cash flow.

      secondly, this kind of dating sites have their own competitive core strength. They are constantly upgrading the various functions, and continuous innovation, to provide users with the most avant-garde experience. Recently, even the 9158 tactics, first is a new function of virtual video on-line, and then is the "digital painting of God", to allow users to feel "Photoshop"; the 51 is to upgrade the music player, powerful serial function allows users to remove one.

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