Sina intends to invest tens of millions of dollars to acquire a professional game site

May 20th news, according to informed sources, Sina intends to invest tens of millions of dollars to acquire a domestic game site. If the agreement goes well, the acquisition will be announced in the near future.

it is reported that sina plans to buy the game website, the website by the former warcry general manager Zhang Yunfan and former Sina editor Miao Xinyu founded at the beginning of the game, Guangzhou website investor Bai Wentao angel investment, the current flow has to squeeze into the global ALEXA site ranked the top 5000.

, according to people familiar with the matter, Sina has been with the online game site for up to two weeks of communication. If the merger is successful, Sina game channel may be combined with the online game site.

if the news is true, this means that sina will likely become the second acquisition of the professional game website portal, previously, the Sohu has acquired from Netdragon 17173 game sites, and in the subsequent 17173 years through huge gains, the Sohu "Denon eight" also became one of the highest income of domestic online games.

informed sources also claimed that Wang Ning, deputy general manager of sina gaming Division has recently transferred post, served as an advisory role, does not rule out possible acquisitions.

but an unnamed Sina insiders, Sina really has been going to acquire professional game site plan, but the object is not set up this year’s, but has a long history of other professional website.

for a possible Sina merger, 178 founder Zhang Yunfan told the Tencent in the early morning of May 20th when No comment. said connection technology. But he acknowledged that the recent capital is indeed seeking cooperation.

previously there are anecdotal news that Chi Yufeng intends to invest CEO perfect. However, Zhang Yunfan of this rumor denied, and refers to it as "groundless statement".

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