Giants competing to enter the market to grab a small group of buy or fall

since the United States buy site Groupon sought after by investors, the domestic follow the trend to build the buy site after another. But with the national web giants began to have reached the network group purchase market, market impact. Analysts believe that, with the giant’s entry, all kinds of difficult to obtain financing and continuous small group purchase site, there will be more than 90% down.

SNS to buy site output resources

yesterday, thousands of oak interactive group launched the group buying site, glutinous rice network". This is the month to enter the Groupon website model of a large Chinese website.

in March this year, China’s domestic buy site began to emerge. Today, there are more than 400 similar group buying site. Buy site threshold did not imagine so low, and some have begun to appear capital strand breaks, users are hidden consumer crisis. This gives the strength of the business bigger and stronger opportunities. In the future, the competition between the group buying sites, will be mainly concentrated in the capital, strategy, operations, technology, etc.."

value of the local consumer market

at present, the United States Mission Network and handle network as the representative of the group has a first mover advantage and operating experience, has been financing. Ari analysts believe that the new network giant into the business resources and consumer resources in two areas have a great advantage, the impact on the existing market to buy.

in Thousand Oaks, Sohu, Tencent and other giants also agree without prior without previous consultation the layout of the market. Sohu focus on the network in recent years, the group bought the site love family, not to provide a special offer, the first attempt in Beijing, will continue to spread around.

In addition,

also in May this year, on-line

QQ offers local life services, including coupons, live events, etc., is currently recommended for "chain catering" service. Reporters also learned yesterday, operating in Chengdu for several years Tencent Dacheng network, in order to expand the layout of the domestic consumer market, is also in Chengdu and some buy site to discuss cooperation.

industry reshuffle 9 into a small site or down

, according to informed sources, Chengdu has more than 10 websites in the special group purchase competition but also uneven in quality. Due to a few million can buy a station, the industry threshold is very low, the lack of business and promotion of resources, many of the current site is thin.

analysts believe that, with the giant’s entry, all kinds of difficult to obtain financing and continuous small group purchase site, there will be more than 90% down. Sichuan IT tea forum founder Wang Jialun has a clear understanding, which he believes will become the local life of the consumer market long-term demand of network application service, in the long run, local small group purchase website play Groupon mode will live very hard, but this kind of mode but will become the strength of the local life portal standard product.

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