85 fabricate spread Beijing is now unknown gunshots and other rumors have been investigated

in new network on 9 August, according to the Ministry of public security news website, recently, the public security organs found that Internet users use social networking software made up on the Internet, distributed or forwarded outside of the site published the Beijing West Fourth Ring Road and is now unknown gunshots, "violent terrorist violence molecular knock, someone stole children visceral," Beijing Tongzhou earthquake clouds, indicating 2 – 6 days of earthquake and other rumors.

after investigation, the public security organs according to the MOU, Wang, Ma, BAE 4 spreading rumors on the Internet criminal detention, for fan, Zhang, Lee, Zhu and other 81 people to be security detention, warnings order punishment or education admonition. At the same time, according to the law of 16 safety management responsibility is not implemented to investigate the site and urge its rectification.

suggested that the public security organs, fabricate, rumors spread network should bear legal responsibility, hope that the majority of civilized Internet users, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, the website should strengthen information security management, and jointly safeguard the healthy and orderly environment of the internet.

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