The new choice of online tourism e commerce

this year Mid Autumn Festival, national day of reunion, together with the Shanghai World Expo, eleven Golden Week tourism market is more popular than in previous years. According to the National Tourism Bureau officially released eleven of Golden Week tourism market consumption characteristics, individual tourism market trend has become increasingly evident, consumer demand for holiday tourism tends to be personalized and diversified, free travel, driving, car travel tourism continues to heat up, the scale of online travel bookings for further growth, the emergence of the "tourism e-commerce booking tickets, tourism group purchase" and other new features.

online travel market grew rapidly

e-commerce is becoming more and more powerful booster of China’s tourism industry, especially the Internet has become an important channel for the dissemination of tourism information and tourism products distribution channels. Statistics show that the first half of 2010, China’s Internet users continue to maintain growth momentum, as of June, total users reached 420 million, and the use of online travel booking rate is 8.6%%, users reached 36 million 120 thousand, 19.4%% growth in the first half.

from its own advantages, e-commerce to build a full range of interactive platform, multi angle to attract tourists to stimulate the enthusiasm of tourists travel. The wide sharing of information has broken the limit of time and space, expanded the sales channel, reduced the transaction cost, shortened the transaction cycle, and expanded the infinite network space for the development of marketing.

with the maturity of the electronic payment system, the hardware is also given strong support for tourism e-commerce. In the online travel line, make a phone call, the mouse will be able to travel, convenient way of travel is being accepted by more and more Chinese consumers.

each of the major e-commerce sites to grab market

from the online travel market nowadays, tourism e-commerce websites can be divided into Ctrip, eLong "ticket + Hotel + travel vacation tourism e-commerce website; where network (" Baidu +B2C mode and donkey mother as the representative of the "ticket + Hotel + vacation" the self-help tourism e-commerce website; and Taobao as the representative of the "supermarket" type of tourism e-commerce website. The interaction of various modes of integration has gradually become a fashion.

"The wizard of

network ( is a new type of vertical e-commerce travel search portal website, the website provides unbiased price to consumers search service, also can help users to choose their own personality with the needs of the tourism product or service providers. Web site has been concerned about and understand the needs of consumers, timely and accurate advertising information to consumers.


wizard is the largest network website launched 3G mobile phone version, users only need to use a mobile phone on the Internet query ticket information, as long as you can take a minute to set the domestic and international flights, very easy and convenient.

industry pointed out that the wizard >

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