100 Losers a 146 year old NOKA why 4 years fall

Author: Kuang Wenqi, Lin Hongda

review: Microsoft today announced the acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone business, a mobile phone giant of the era to an end. This is the 2012 Asian publisher Award for best interpretative reports from Taiwan, "business week", it is also a comprehensive analysis of the "business weekly" cover article NOKIA fall, is definitely worth reading.


early in the summer of 2011, we visited the farthest distance on the map of Shanghai and Taiwan in the Nordic countries — Finland, only to understand a riddle: "a history of 146 years. How can the enterprise, in 4 years time,

is on the verge of collapse?"

when the plane crossed St Petersburg, Russia, to lower the height of the Helsinki Airport in Finland. The books on my hands are all about the success of, the protagonist of the puzzle (Nokia). It started in Finland, is the world’s mobile phone industry, who, every day, 900 million people call through it. Because of it, the phone began to really into the lives of ordinary people. "Newsweek" (Newsweek) has commented: "because it is the future of the world, finland."

Finland legend is disappearing……

debt rating near junk grade, status will be replaced by Samsung

but the amazing numbers on my computer tell me that the legend is disappearing.

data: compared with the peak in 2007, NOKIA today’s market value has plummeted 87%, was also HTC electric Taiwan beyond.

data two: NOKIA down this year, financial analysts, analysts predict that from the second quarter will profit from down to become a profit and loss of two flat, or even losses.

data three: NOKIA market share from more than 4 in 2008, down to today’s $25%. Nomura Securities estimates, 14 consecutive years of global mobile phone market share in the second quarter champion status, will be South Korea’s Samsung Electronics (Samsung) to replace, the third quarter will be apple (Apple) over, fell to third.

data: four credit rating agency Fitch (Fitch Ratings) has put NOKIA’s debt rating from BBB+ down to "BBB-", which is a poor level and the level of garbage in line.

NOKIA in the end what happened? Why the Review Business (Harvard Business Review) (Harvard) has thrown out all the reasons for the media: poor force, complacency, after the ills of excessive success." Didn’t the conclusion? We can only say that because of too much, so NOKIA can not be too late to launch smart strain, mobile phone, in the high-end market by Apple iPhone accounts, the copycat mobile phone market is low China erosion situation, to have enemies in front and rear.

but that explains NOKIA’s current situation in Finland, Artaud (A>)

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