Tell the story to the customer content marketing

women love shopping, but also love impulsive shopping, especially when some stores have special offer promotions, US women can always put the bags of goods screw home, I believe you will have a deep experience of men.

why do women desire to buy it? If we can process their careful attention to the purchase of goods, may be able to know learn a lot of useful knowledge, the world’s women and children make the best money! But also learned how to make it.

So how to use the

method of content marketing to make money? I believe that as long as we know how to use love to listen to the story of the consumer psychology, to their stories, so the probability of success will be improved! Philip Kohler said, customers are not buying diamonds, but the hole in the wall, Starbucks is not selling coffee, leisure. Ferrari is not selling sports cars, selling a similar crazy driving pleasure and noble. Rolex is not selling table, is the feeling of luxury and self-confidence. Do you know what your company is selling?

a case for female customers: the use of similar experiences of others resonate.

for love to buy skin care products of female customers, if we also asked why, too unromantic, to know that "there is no ugly woman, only lazy woman", since they have such a strong desire to buy, is their beauty mentality caused by. What caused these female customer consumption desire, to have the impulse to buy? We must learn to use the psychological characteristics of female emotions, only resonate with their psychological, it will sell much better than rigid, especially the use of others experience a consumer is willing to listen to the story, often better.

as I previously engaged in the cosmetics channel work, often remind sales staff, when potential customers encounter some sensitive physique, the key is how to deal with? Break their heart, so that they dare to try, to experience the product is suitable for their skin, after all, if they really no longer use skin care products, will not to promote the scene to understand the situation, for the warm welcome of the consumer mentality, sales must grasp.

at this time, I often ask the sales staff to tell such a story: I have touched a woman before, she is also sensitive skin, in general, not easy to use other skin care products, because of fear of allergies. But I was very confident about their products, because the attributes of mild and no stimulation, but I would not say that these products are pure natural skin care products, because there is no such thing as a natural thing, but more or less chemical composition. Later, the woman was my sincerity to move, so the courage to try, really no problem. In the process of helping her, I also have some knowledge about the sensitive skin, so I suggest you take the leaflet back to see if you want to know more, please call the above telephone, I will provide the skin test for you, let you experience this product under safety condition……"

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