From the third party to see the development of electricity supplier service provider O2O

With the rapid development of electricity supplier O2O

, a new concept came into being, is the third party consumer intermediary services, it is a bridge between consumers and businesses. The bridge allows consumers to more convenient and affordable shopping, so that businesses better find the target user base, improve their traffic, customer price and sales.

you think about it, a person to go to normal shopping costs need to spend it?

first of all, he would like to know the information, and secondly to spend time, spend money to the store to buy goods. So the entire shopping process involves information, time, price, payment, logistics and other five aspects.

third party consumer economic services is to help consumers simplify the shopping process in one or several areas, which will be a huge market.

simply third party consumer intermediary services include the following aspects:

1 information: consumer information, consumer knowledge, advocacy knowledge consulting.

2 time: hotels, rooms, air tickets and other goods scheduled, purchasing service

3 price: to provide consumers with discount, discount and other means of the third party service. Before the fire and now buy coupons are in this way.

4 payment: to provide consumers with mobile payment methods or electronic wallet payment.

5 Logistics: for the consumer process to provide third party services, etc..

is currently the largest market is the consumer market, everyone is poor or rich need to shopping, consumption, as long as we help them simplify the shopping process, reduce the cost of shopping, to provide more value, it will be a huge blue ocean market.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, many enterprises especially the Internet companies have started to target this big cake, and now the hottest electricity supplier O2O is targeting this piece of cake, but O2O is just the current electricity supplier development is still in the initial stage, we solve is consumer shopping process is the most sensitive to the price.

is the most typical group purchase, before too much analysis of the group purchase, there is no detailed introduction, otherwise it will not say what meaning, after the group purchase coupons heat up, this approach is relatively simple, mainly to help consumers to simplify the price information problem.

We can’t know the price of all the stores at the same time, we can’t make a full comparison in the

line. So many companies to collect information on the next line of business, and let them take the initiative to discount, and then put the information to the mobile phone or web site for them to browse and download, which is a typical coupon model.

third party intermediary services in fact is to allow consumers to benefit, so that they enjoy cheaper prices, more convenient service. But profits are still below the line

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