Summary of how to do the network is the largest online consulting industry pain points

I work in an online consulting firm, supplementary provisions on weekdays in the web site maintenance and promotion work, for me, the most worry is the monthly summary network are extrapolated to do, now online consultation way is quite popular, but relatively weak legal profession we are engaged in online identity in public, users experience and evaluation is not high, but the marketing effect has not been ideal, this leads to my work pressure increase.

in the eyes of many people is a kind of network marketing to achieve the interests of short-term means, but the online lawyer of the industry, if not between customers and to establish mutual trust relationship is very hard to make a breakthrough, so even if the results are not always ideal also must persist, so as to accumulate the user, so that more people understand the advantages and our service network, and extrapolation each month summary how to do is one of the most important links.

lawyers online consulting industry is different from the other, some of the traditional means of promotion are not suitable, and according to my personal summary, Q & A and news promotion is relatively effective two means. , these two ways to relax once the release of the site’s web page click rate and the amount of consultation will plummet.

In addition, in the implementation of

, and the news quiz promotion, network marketing cloud claw my favorite analysis management system plays a role can not be ignored, with it, I work as a lot easier than before, the cloud analysis system can be used not only to claw released news quiz and information, but also have the information on the query and precise flow monitoring and other functions, but also let me in the most worry extrapolation network monthly summary of how many do relatively easy.

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