Shops make full use of space to increase revenue

different shops, the area will be different, not every shop is full of commodities, in this context, if we can dig out the needs of the market, may wish to increase the number of business projects, so as to bring greater economic income for the owner. Today, many community retail stores began selling vegetables to sell fruit, I am also very optimistic about the business opportunities. However, because of my own shop does not have the operating conditions, so there has been no increase in the operation of the project.

last year, when I was in the vicinity of a smoke shop owner to listen to her, said the shop rent is very expensive, she is just starting their own business, no experience, income is not ideal, so very anxious. I saw her shop in the street three crossroads, traffic is large, the shop has two facades, the area is relatively large, there is great use of space, the couple have a motorized tricycle, so he said to her: "you can put the tobacco to a room for another, some fruits and vegetables such as fresh food to sell. One is not a waste of space, and can increase the income, not the best of both worlds?"

after listening to my colleagues to find out the feasibility of the analysis, they immediately act. Her shop operating fruits and vegetables, a change in the past deserted situation has become very lively. At the end of last year, she was happy to say to me, after the fruits and vegetables to earn a lot of money, the store is also a lot of other goods business.

if the increase in the proper operation of the project, not only rely on these goods can increase revenue, but also to promote the sale of other goods in the shop. In view of this, the fruits and vegetables well run not only can increase revenue, but also can promote the sales of tobacco, non-staple food, forming a virtuous circle. Have certain conditions of the retail store may wish to try the management of fruits and vegetables, in the convenience of the customers and increase their income, Why not??

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