Zhuhai attracts a large number of overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs

now due to the domestic entrepreneurial environment becomes better, there are more and more overseas people began to return home to start a business, at the same time, some of the advanced technology and entrepreneurship model has also been brought to the domestic market.

"their choice is to return to the development of advanced science and technology to Chinese." Tian Feng, born in 1982, 15, said in an interview in Zhuhai.

"2013 Chang’e three lunar mission successfully completed, we provide five kinds of core components for Chang’e three." Returned from the United States, Zhuhai, Wang Xinglong, general manager of Polytron Technologies Inc, said at the Forum: it took a full three years of painstaking effort."

It is reported that in December 14, 2013,

, Chang’e three lunar rainbow Bay area to the east of the front landing in 3D laser measurement system of Chang’e three lander, equipped with five core devices by Zhuhai guangku R & D and production, to the surface of the moon landing vehicle between accurate measurement and uneven distance. Wang Xinglong said: "we meet a lot of difficulties in the process of development, to achieve the seismic sensor in space, high and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance and other issues, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong."

"a loaf of bread which had 37 kinds of additives," Zhuhai’s food science and technology limited company CEO researcher Wang Lizhe served as the Irish National Food Research Center, and her German husband venture to Zhuhai in 2014. The year before Wang Lizhe had a couple China around, found the existing problems Chinese food is shocking, "some vendors in order to improve the lean meat rate, with melamine to feed the sheep," she casually quoted several trade secrets: "here the baking powder ammonium aluminum sulfate content as high as 41%, this is too scary, Zhuhai can not find the aluminum free baking powder."

"food in order to expose the secrets behind", Wang Lizhe and her husband wanted to use the German expert technology and advanced management knowledge, demonstration project to establish a suitable food and nutrition in the Chinese a personalized recommendation.

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