So that there is a real need for people to enter the public rental housing in Shenyang a new way

in public rental housing and economic application of the housing market, although the market for some people to effectively solve the housing problem, but there are still many people who have a real need to live. To this end, Shenyang further improve housing security access and exit mechanism, through the establishment of the purchase of the housing system and the housing security data comparison, the limit has been the protection of affordable housing policy to protect the purchase of new housing. In addition, there are car owners, there are business registration, not allowed to apply for public rental housing and affordable housing.

Shenyang City Real Estate Bureau issued a notice to improve housing security access and exit mechanism of management, in the future, for the purchase of housing security is not allowed to enjoy the family, whether commercial housing or second-hand housing, if the buyers have the ability to purchase in the security exit.

the establishment of exit mechanism for the purchase of the qualification system based on the system and the city housing registration information system interoperability, through the city’s housing security data query, implementation of affordable housing policy has enjoyed the new purchase of housing security object limit function.

through the comparison of data query, found to have access to affordable housing policy to protect the object of the purchase, the purchase will be prompted to limit. The purchase of commercial housing, not through the system to submit signed contract for the sale of real estate registration application; and the purchase of second-hand housing, housing ownership transfer registration cannot.

if you have the ability to purchase, in the commercial housing for sale record or registration of the transfer of housing stock ownership, to withdraw from the security office for review by the security, and gone through the relevant formalities, the information center will receive to lift the security object restriction notice two working days, guarantee the purchase of related data the query system will be removed.

notice also adjusted some affordable housing access conditions, and improve the application of public rental housing and affordable housing security threshold, based on current access conditions, with the industrial and commercial registration, vehicles are not allowed to apply for public rental housing (including low income housing and affordable housing). Enjoy the protection of public rental households, in the guarantee period, the review found in possession of vehicles, industrial and commercial registration, unconditional exit after the expiry of the lease contract, or refund for the corresponding subsidies; and in the guarantee period, the purchase, inheritance, and the housing, the housing area beyond the area of security access standards, will stop housing guarantee qualification.

only let people in need of access to public rental housing and affordable housing, the state promulgated this policy has practical significance. At the same time, the provisions of Shenyang enjoy affordable housing for the protection of the family, after the examination and approval will not guarantee the qualification review, but in the guarantee period, the principal applicant (including spouses) purchase, inheritance, the housing, the housing area and beyond housing security area access standards, should stop the housing guarantee qualification, return has recommended

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