Entrepreneurs should pay attention to what Cai Wensheng ten suggestions to entrepreneurs

angel investors in the country, Cai Wensheng is a different one. Known as the king of the webmaster, he does not need to entrepreneurs, education, returnees or large companies and other background as an endorsement, but also stressed that the product and data speak. I believe the user and traffic must be realized, dare not before the business model. From the grassroots, preference for grassroots entrepreneurs, also believe that Chinese Internet "grass root who in the world".

Second, just start the company, if the founders and executives with high wages, finally a low probability of success. I see almost 99% of the cases to verify the truth.

Third, at this stage it is difficult to rely on individual efforts to entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurs need to build a team, the team must have field, proficient in product marketing and management personnel;

Fourth, while working to do projects together, and at the same time perfect idea for investment, so less risk.

fifth to give the product a good catchy name, easy to spread.

sixth, products must comply with three principles: demand, advantage, benefit.

seventh, good products are slowly formed in continuous dressing process continue to temper. In the Chinese Internet, when the number of users reached a level, the need to cross.

eighth, start to think after three years of overall market and industry structure. See the change may happen in the future, how do you do, in what position, you will be more valuable, not only keep an acre.

ninth, the user will have the business model, and is not ready to come back to user mode.

tenth, each application of a killer, is a traffic entrance. To achieve the ultimate application.

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