Datong card access to major cities people love

in many cities, people will see the card in Datong, with it can go to the major attractions do not need to spend too many tickets, so it is popular in many cities. Datong people said, only 100 dollars a year, so many attractions casually, and convenient and affordable!"

Datong from September 1st this year, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei City, Wulanchabu City, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city and Shanxi province 11 cities on the full sale of the Chinese tourists travel card". Visitors can buy physical card in the province around the city construction bank outlets, but also pay attention to "Datong tourism card" WeChat public number, or log on to bank and Construction Bank mobile phone distribution platform into the "Datong tourism card" platform for online purchase.

in accordance with the Datong government notice that within 1 years, tourist card can not limit the number of free tour of Yungang Grottoes, huayansi, nine, Guan Yu Temple, Shanhua temple, Guanyin hall, Confucious’temple palace, Datong city wall ruins, temple, temple, Emperor Shun Yeung, City Museum, Hanging Temple, Mt. Hengshan, China Sculpture Museum (including Mt. Hengshan into the mountains and the Hanging Temple toudao tickets fee) 15 spots. And in Datong college students and work for more than three years of non Datong household registration of foreign personnel can also hold the relevant certification.

"Datong travel card" issued by the local people for sightseeing, leisure and fitness open the floodgates wide to, but also greatly increase the foreign tourists in the same residence time and ticket income, become a new tool to promote the development of the tourism industry of datong. September just came here on business, do a card, I did not expect such a good use. But I did not expect the city so beautiful so livable, want to come every weekend holiday." The people of Beijing Rowling is the third to Datong, she smiled and said: "the day was Datong refreshing and delicious fun completely circle powder!"

we all know, Shanxi Datong has more features, to give people a different experience, so that people see the economic benefits of the card. According to the Datong Cultural Relics Bureau statistics, as of October 31st, this year, a total of 26201 new tourist card users, of which, the physical card users, virtual card users, 5320 users. October issue of the month amounted to 3665.

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