After the open shop business road health cooking

now 80 is the main force in the business market, many 80 are aimed at the current hot cooking market, open the health are Guodian become entrepreneurial good choice, we look at the 80 is how to open shop, cooking and health.

it suffered a crisis of confidence in the traditional catering market hitherto unknown, their own to open a healthy fashion restaurant, is always my dream. My husband and I are 80, after last year’s marriage, would like to settle in their hometown of their own business, said to do it, so we began the difficult road of entrepreneurship.

selected items is my most happy thing, because it involves tasting, chowhound is the most happy. Considering Jujube people’s taste, we went to Jujube around the places to visit, Wanda Plaza in Xiangyang has several shops particularly good, especially Wong Kee Huang and joss stick cooking rice noodle, so we ate have not eaten rice in the pot, it is a new way of eating, the feeling in the mouth is also good, cause we are interested in.

After the

and production process are shown in the table, not only has the fresh and health watch can also test the raw materials, so that consumers eat safe, rest assured. Stew pot to stew, with more than and 10 kinds of fresh vegetables and homemade bottom oil, sauce and various spices stew meat fish, seafood and other food, not the loss of nutrients, zhinongweihou, Mian tender delicious, food to eat almost can also add soup to eat shabu.

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