Thirteen how much is too hot pot

a healthy body is the most fundamental guarantee for your life, the premise of success is to have a healthy body. Food and beverage industry is an area closely related to people’s health. What kind of restaurant brands can seize this point, what kind of catering enterprises can win in the competition. To the health of the famous brand which is better? The famous thirteen too pot restaurant brand, to bring you a different diet, to bring you a comprehensive health, so that we enjoy the delicious, so that we get a comprehensive physical health!

Stone pot pot is too

thirteen for quality stone pot patent, it contains iron elements beneficial to human body, and does not contain any metal impurities, but can improve human immunity, can strengthen the human body, has anti-cancer effect. And the stone can keep constant temperature and loyal to the original, will be healthy and gourmet blend, is the first choice of modern dining standards. Is everyone’s favorite brand, then how much money to join this brand?

thirteen is too expensive to join

join fee is as follows:

1, venture shop

join costs 32800 yuan annual operating service fee of 2000 yuan

2, standard store

join the cost of 42800 yuan annual operating service fee of $2000

3, platinum shop

join the cost of 52800 yuan annual operating service fee of $2000

more than the cost is very low, is a large number of small and medium investors and entrepreneurs to join the money to make a good brand!

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