The Yueyang confirmed that the Tao of Shang Yang’s reform

recently archaeologists confirmed the latest discovery of Yueyang, unearthed pottery "Qin" Yueyang confirmed as the "Shang Yang reform" took place. Confirm the important position in the history of yueyang.

Liu Rui China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of archaeology researcher

records, Qin Xiangong from Shaanxi Fengxiang’s "Qin Yong" Chengqian to Yueyang, Xiao Shang Yang political reform at the beginning of this, about 35 years of history. But from the unearthed cultural relics (especially Qin lute), this place has Yueyang work room, which is an important center of production license, and the recorded here was the largest in Xianyang granary. To Qinmo early Han Dynasty, "Xiang Qin", which is a capital of King Sima Xin in Yueyang; Liu Bang in the Han Changan city construction not before to Yueyang as the base, the father living in yueyang.

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