Whether or not to sell barbecue online selling

with the development of the electricity supplier industry, more and more industries to open the online platform, I believe we have seen a variety of online shop. But there is a young guy in online selling barbecue, finally managed to find the way to build up the family fortunes. Can you make money selling barbecue online?

One day

13 years, Zhang Kai ate barbecue in search of some business information on the Internet, suddenly an idea into the brain, why not in the online selling barbecue? Do it now, Zhang Kai began creating his barbecue shop network.

proved his decision was right, and it’s a great success. His baking string is not cheaper than the roadside stalls, why is it so hot, the reporter saw the official website of the barbecue shop in Taobao, compared to the price of roadside barbecue stalls, barbecue shop selling ingredients do not account for too many advantages. So, Zhang Kai, what attract the customers? The answer is actually very simple, Zhang Kai is not actually selling barbecue, barbecue can be seen everywhere because of roadside stalls late, and more atmosphere, Zhang Kai sells the barbecue service. How to open a barbecue shop on the Internet? It has all the ingredients, utensils and so on. The customer can buy the barbecue equipment and experience the fun of barbecue.

with this barbecue service, so far, Zhang Kai barbecue shop in the season every day to sell 100 to 150, and average consumption in more than 400 yuan, turnover will reach 50 thousand yuan. According to the profit of three or four to count, one day can also be netted to 15 thousand yuan. "My sales last year was 1 million 530 thousand, but sales in the first half of this year have reached to 1 million 200 thousand." According to the calculation of profit in the first half of this year, a conservative estimate of Zhang Kai has earned 3389. According to statistics, 4 years of entrepreneurship, Zhang Kainian income over one million yuan.

in fact, life is everywhere business opportunities, perhaps you are still in the confusion, but as long as the other point of view, I believe you will soon be able to find the right business opportunities. If you want to start your own business, you might as well look for opportunities.

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