You can’t be afraid to start a business

a lot of people want to start to change the existing living conditions, but the money is not enough, so the fear of failure and challenge, this is in fact a very negative thoughts, Ma Yun tells us, want to success, it is absolutely not to be afraid of challenge!

1, then a lot of foreign trade companies in Hangzhou, the need for a large number of full-time or part-time foreign language translation talent

2, his own orders in this area too much, really busy

3, at that time, Hangzhou has not a professional translation agency.

second business by selling groceries to survive

the start, is also difficult. The first month, the translation of the total income of only 700 yuan, and the rent will be $2400. Good friends advised ma not blind toss, the confidence of partners also shaken, but Ma did not want to give up. In order to survive, Ma began selling lingerie, gifts, medicine and other small commodities, they run around sales, had suffered a lot.

three years, translation by Ma selling groceries to survive. In 1995, translation agencies began to achieve profitability. Now, Haibo translation agency in Hangzhou has become the largest professional translation agency.

third do Chinese first website only 100 thousand yuan

put all sorts of things together

1995 at the beginning of the year, Ma visited Seattle a friend of the network, see the magic of the Internet, he immediately realized that the Internet giant in the future development prospects, and decided to return to the internet.


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