No matter how big or small business needs a good service attitude

now many shopkeepers are so big business, the customer is polite and smiling, if business is small, if not to make money, to the customer indifferent, even increase processing. In fact, regardless of the size of the business, we all need a good service attitude, so as to be recognized by customers.

every morning to open the door is the first thing to move out of the store, display, sample. To move out as much as you move much, can let passers-by to increase the degree of concern can make room for goods store does not loose.

is in moving goods stack, an old man riding on a tricycle came to the door and asked me not a Huangguoshu Waterfalls 18. I said yes, wait a moment please, I still have two boxes of goods to move to take you.

old man even said good. The tricycle stopped running to help me carry the box. Of course, I can not let the old man to work for me, quickly stopped his work and took out the Huangguoshu Waterfalls to the elderly.

"18 yuan a bar!" The old man while the money is not assured and asked again. I sure nodded and took some money from the old pieces wrapped in a handkerchief together and handed it to me.

paid the money, he said let me give two pounds of sugar. A total of only more than and 20 dollars, but it is a single business, divided into two times to pay. Look at me with a smile on my face, the old man can’t help telling me about his experience this morning.

The original

early in the morning when the old man in the street that store said two pounds of sugar, the boss said two times did not bother him, just sort of container. The old man then said loudly third times, did not expect people to get angry with him, and said what is called ah, not on the two pounds of sugar you can not wait for a while I was busy? A torrent of words to pledge to hit the elderly. Of course, it can be imagined, as long as the attitude of the elderly who would like to do more to stay ah.


. Go to the shop second elderly worry boss too small and two kilos of sugar business to him, then say to buy a Huangguoshu Waterfalls cigarettes, 18 yuan / bar. This time people are not ignored, just ask him to also want other goods. The old man hastened to say that two pounds of sugar, it is necessary to buy these two. Perhaps the boss felt that two items are unprofitable, said to the old man of Huangguoshu Waterfalls 20 yuan /, 3.5 yuan / kg of white sugar, love to buy, do not buy it. The old man has been pumping Huangguoshu Waterfalls, which is a small shop 18 yuan, of course, the price is too expensive for $20. The results did not buy again.

listen to the old man, I told him that in fact 20 yuan / bar is the normal price is not expensive. A cigarette should also earn 2 yuan of money, but now difficult to do business competition and coincides with the off-season.

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