Sleight of hand without the business you can

can also empty set of the white wolf? Yes, it is possible, as long as you have the right way! Entrepreneurship is a shortcut for us on the road to prosperity, but business is not easy, which makes many people flinch. In fact, start empty-handed idea also exists, with a look.

The establishment of the company

, he only invested 200 yuan, the senior He Yongliang farmers who rely on the wisdom of entrepreneurship, a year to earn enough each year nearly million yuan for tuition, this idea to let him start empty-handed real sleight of hand".

with a part-time

although the school is marketing, but it is not so easy, He Yongliang is the most impressive to Zhengzhou Gongyi city to engage in promotional activities, he and two other colleagues walking through between the suburbs of enterprises to eat a lot of cold-shoulder treatment from door to door visits. A week later, He Yongliang still talked about some of the business, one of the production of water treatment materials, not only became his manager, and they became a good friend.

through this period of time, He Yongliang had a strong interest in the Internet and network marketing, but also professional on marketing of e-commerce direction of their own learning confidence. Start empty-handed venture ideas? Second school, the past because part-time absenteeism He Yongliang began to plunge into the books, learning website development and management of network courses.

by living benefit attracted investment start empty-handed entrepreneurial ideas

> 2nd

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