Xiu Fuhui’s knowledge teaching and propriety management method

in the current cigarette sales season is not the case, some shops are still able to continue to increase sales, which will inevitably make people pay attention to his business skills. "Sales are not sold, but this is a kind of help" Salford Hui often say a word. Xiu Fuhui, small grocery store owner, shop is located in the rural village of Shenzhen Wuping County Wan Zhu Wu (next to the market), tall thin in the face of him, the customer is always filled with a bright smile.

as the owner of the shop after 80, in November 2013 set up shop, store cigarette sales rising, just a few months time the total cigarette sales will increase by two, the current monthly limit of 9 cigarettes.

Hui Hui talked about business skills, always talks about knowledge, teaching, courtesy, we did not know at the beginning of the solution, but after a careful look at the way of operation to understand the knowledge, teaching, etiquette, the implication of the great truth. "Know" that is, multi-level understanding of consumers, from the consumer’s needs, the economy and the situation of the family to understand consumers in order to achieve accurate sales, to provide consumers with the most intimate recommendation to buy cigarettes.

"teach" that is, customers to buy cigarettes, according to the season, weather conditions, etc., to teach some of the appropriate retail cigarette smoke tips to enhance communication between the two sides. "Li" is polite to the customer and the door is off, with both hands, to the shop to buy something consumers boss will occasionally send the boss with due respect, some small gifts to consumers for thanksgiving.

"uncle, back to smoke in ventilated place, do not put straight in the sun exposed the smoke Sai, put a long time without deterioration; send a lighter to you, and more time to bring your grandchildren come to my shop to play, walk slowly road slippery!" "Well, thank you! Young man, after a period of time to come here to buy cigarettes!" In the boss’s shop can often hear such a warm conversation.

everyone will have their own way of doing business, every successful person will have their own". Indeed, it is Salford Hui "" knowledge, education, etiquette ", let him store visibility and reputation of a most excellent shops and old customers more and more, of which a large part of consumers are" road turn powder ", cigarette sales has become more and more prosperous, imperceptibly to the other items in the shops. Sales. Repair the boss "" knowledge, education, etiquette skills play the three cigarette sales force in the invisible, and let him earn popularity, get a good reputation, is really one!

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