nvestment in a small shop how much money fried Yang

China traditional delicacy of count, but some time tested has played an important role in the hearts of the people of the food and beverage brands also have a lot of, for example, fried, steamed stuffed bun like Steamed Buns these ordinary mass consumer food and beverage brands, has become an integral part of the students in the. Join the brand famous fried and there are many projects, Shanghai Yang Shengjian is one of them, Yang Shengjian since its launch by many consumers, because to make the reform of the traditional fried, in order to give people unlimited originality.

investment in a small shop to Yang fried how much money?

open small Yang Shengjian snack bar, a professional team to help you when the staff, so that you save money and effort. Small Yang Shengjian flexible operation, large space for operating space, reduce operational problems, the community, the core business district, office buildings can be near, choose the right store is very simple. At the same time, little Yang Shengjian headquarters has a professional Dianzhi evaluation team, provide professional guidance for the partners of the store location, let Yang Shengjian partners easily find suitable stores.

compared with some well-known snack brands on the market, small Yang Shengjian investment costs are still very low. Little Yang Shengjian headquarters for tracking service, not only have a professional team to shop guide, also make reasonable management plan according to the actual situation of investors, to ensure that every stores can reasonable management, ensure the greatest degree of investors’ profit margins.

small Yang Shengjian join advantage:

strong investment background: investment fund is strong, in order to create the top brand as the ultimate goal.

professional marketing planning: top leisure restaurant design concept, with a new visual experience to establish a new standard.

professional franchise management: Senior chain operations team, headquarters to create a one-stop operation and service system.

professional raw materials and logistics industry: the one and only raw materials collected and R & D center, only to keep the shop to join Yang fried top taste.

professional training system: small Yang Shengjian joined, here is not only to learn the best production technology, more important is to learn how to do a good business.

professional after-sales and customer service system: from consulting to shop, different sectors of different professionals, small Yang Shengjian joined all departments to provide you with professional services at various stages.

how much do you need to invest in opening a small Yang Shengjian?

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