Grilled barbecue gold project to join the mother how to barbecue

is now the industry investment projects are in the pursuit of the pursuit of high-quality health consumption. Delicious and nutritious food items naturally popular, so there are many natural brand projects. Kim Ma home barbecue is one of them. Gold mother barbecue, barbecue impact China’s delicacy of the tide. The increase in our series of catering market, weak momentum to the international order of investor attention taking lives. According to the forecast, in 2020 the total sales volume of catering market will reach 10 trillion yuan, the prospects are very attractive, more worthy of investor attention! Gold mother’s Korean barbecue how to join?

mom home barbecue good? How to join? How to join it? See the following details:

gold mom barbecue join conditions:

, a gold mother’s Korean barbecue franchisees to love the catering business, and with a pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

two, gold mother’s Korean barbecue franchisees have a certain economic strength, the company planning to join with.

three, recognized by the business philosophy and management mode of the gold mother’s Korean barbecue.

four, gold mother’s Korean barbecue to join in business management and has certain marketing ability and financial knowledge.

five, gold mother’s Korean barbecue franchisee business reputation is good, honest, to take pride in customer service.

six, gold mother’s Korean barbecue franchisees are able to comply with the laws and regulations and business ethics.

seven, must attend the golden mother’s Korean barbecue Corporation to organize training and accept the company’s management tasks.

gold mom barbecue join process:

The first step of

: first of all investors can through the below message board for gold mother’s Korean barbecue to join the project or consult your data on the project have doubts, gold mother’s headquarters will give the phone back in the first time, make the person in charge of the area of the project and make an appointment for you, examine the specific time;

The second step:

with the intention of joining the gold mother’s Korean barbecue project investors are required to produce relevant documents and show the intention to join, will be responsible to you on the mother’s request and join the gold rules; if there is no objection to investment gold Connaught Lang joined the headquarters to submit application form, and then by the company to join or agency qualification


The third step:

gold’s house through the examination of the Korean barbecue partners of headquarters base, store and related products and equipment in charge under the leadership of


the fourth step: the investigation completed

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